Fusion & Fish

A fusion of Isan and Thai with simple elegance, & an emphasis on fish...

... like the image below, as we float on the moody Maekong, cuisine on the Nagarina is a mixture of delicate tastes and Thai-Isan grace.

Yam Toa Pu... Wing bean Salad... "the richest salad in the world". A divine mixture of sweet & hot, creamy & dry.

With prawns & dried chilies onions & eggs, coconut cream & wing beans, there is no way to sum up this Queen of Thai dishes. And our's is simple and light... a taste that floats like the Nagarina does.

But be quick, for we love it too, you'll need to be fast for some left for you...!

And how could we serve food on the Maekong without offering Som Tam (Papaya Salad). Shown here is Som Tam Thai which is softer & sweeter than its more lethal Isan sister. The secret of its taste is in the sauce made from palm sugar and lime.

Geng Som derives its taste from the tamarind in the sauce. It's a fish and vegetable soup served boiling on the table. Here with catfish which is rich and crunchy, but our Thai customers often prefer it with snake-head fish with its softer taste.

Now, this is a dish which changes as the new vegetables come in season.

And how would I describe the taste? Hot and sweet and sour...

Though Plaa Rat Prik Sot is a standard in Thai cuisine, have you ever had it like this? The tilapia is cooked hot and fast, but the trick is the basil and tamarind sauce, which is made with the freshest of fresh chilies and the Bergamot leaves lighten the taste still further.

Maekong reared tilapia combine with the sauce to offer a bright, fresh dish.

Gung Choob Paeng Tort is the final dish to be featured here. King prawns in the lightest of tempura with half battered vegetables and sweet plum sauce.

It's the King of Snacks ideal for a nibble while slowly sailing on a sunny evening on the sultry Maekong river... just watching the world go by.

On the Maekong, with its mystery and mood, pleasure is the beauty and luck of finding food that's new.